BIG DOG Consulting provides professional objective business, product & services advice to start ups & multi-national companies who want to exponentially grow revenue and rapidly establish a strong footprint across the Asia Pacific region.

Many companies find Asia Pacific a daunting/challenging market to invest in.

Asia Pacific remains the most underserved market with the fastest growing opportunity. For example: cloud services are forecast to continue to grow at between 35%-45% CAGR at least until 2020 (ref: Gartner, IDC 2013), at which time Asia Pacific will account for 1/3 of the Worldwide cloud services. Today Asia Pacific represents 41% of Global mobile users and in many countries individuals and businesses exclusively use mobile phones instead of traditional landlines. With nearly 2/3 of the Worlds population and an increasing Information Technology (IT) community, companies can ill afford to ignore this exciting market.

The Asia Pacific IT market represents an enormous business opportunity to software, hardware and cloud vendors alike, given the right advice.

BIG DOG Consulting is made up of a team of Affiliate Consulting Experts (ACE) and Subject Matter Experts (SME) who can represent your sales, technical, marketing & channel needs and help accelerate your success. Leverage our team to support your Asia Pacific projects and initiatives.

Enterprise Clients can benefit from:

  • Learning about the latest IT trends and how to apply them to meet their business needs and solve their business problems
  • Objective Cloud Services comparisons, Business Intelligence assessments and Data Center Infrastructure equipment reviews
  • Cost projections, Return on Investment (ROI) reports
  • Independent vendor comparisons which prove extremely popular

Hardware and Software IT Vendors can benefit from:

  • high performance sales delivering extraordinary results in variety of tough market conditions, across a wide variety of emerging state-of-the-art technologies or where significant turnarounds are required
  • prospecting, pipeline generation and qualification
  • identifying, interviewing and attracting talent for start ups or new lines of business
  • establishing high-performance, multicultural sales, marketing and technical teams
  • co-development of Marketing collateral, campaigns, product launch, education, events, etc…
  • creation of comprehensive customized theatre-wide go-to-market plans to suit your business needs
  • establishment of beachhead offices to allow you and your teams to quickly achieve sustained growth in the vibrant evolving market that is Asia Pacific.

No problem too small, contact us & challenge the team!

Our Mission
Our Affiliate Consulting Experts, are proven leaders in the fastest growing segments of telecommunications in the fastest growing global markets in the World. Our BIG DOG Consulting team have the necessary experience to lead, drive or collaborate with teams large or small, with diverse cultures and skill sets. We aspire to deliver objective, timely, high quality engagements leveraging some of the most experienced SMEs in Asia Pacific.

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